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Kansas City Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical Errors and Intentional Fraud

As citizens of the United States we expect our medical treatment, of all things, to be excellent, we expect to be cared for correctly by skilled doctors and nurses. We rarely think that a doctor might make a mistake or that they are deliberately defrauding us for monetary gain. Due to their extensive education, we generally accept that they are above mistakes, and that we can believe that we are being cared for properly. When an incident of misdiagnosis occurs or when a doctor fails to diagnose properly, we generally are unaware of this.

The misdiagnosis can go unnoticed for some time if a nurse does not catch it, the results of a misdiagnosis could involve wrong treatment and/or medication that could be harmful. One of the more serious cases of misdiagnosis is the misdiagnosis of cancer; this can have a serious impact on the victim. A misdiagnosis is an example of medical negligence in medical malpractice. Other serious issues that can result from medical negligence include medication errors, anesthesia errors and surgical errors among many others. Any of these could result in serious injuries or sickness.

Have you been injured due to medical negligence?

When a doctor or nurse is helping a mother through the process of giving birth, there are many issues that can arise that require the intervention of a doctor with various mechanical tools such as forceps. The misuse of these tools can result in birth injuries such as spinal cord damage and brain injuries. These injuries will generally last the child their entire life. While many cases of medical malpractice can result in the bodily injury of a victim, there are some cases where disease can be the outcome. In the case of contaminated instruments, disease and sickness can be passed on to the victim from the contaminated tools.

One other very serious injury that can be caused by negligence is an injury caused by radiation. Acute radiation syndrome is a group of health issues that arise within several months of prolonged exposure to radiation. While many forms of medical malpractice result in injuries ranging in severity, there are some forms of malpractice that can result in the wrongful death of an individual. Wrongful death could occur through dangerous medication that was mistakenly prescribed to a patient, or through a surgical error as well as many other causes.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Kansas City

At Montee Law Firm, P.C. we are a medical malpractice law firm that has been dedicated to serving the malpractice victims of Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding area since we were founded in 1996. Since our formation we have reserved our representation exclusively for injured victims, we do not represent insurance companies in order to protect our clients from potential conflict of interest issues that could arise. We have recovered over $250 million in damages for our clients in the years that we have been serving them and we have numerous satisfied clients that we have represented.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or other medical entity such as a pharmacy then you will greatly benefit from our legal assistance. It is important that you seek our help to file your claim immediately as statutes of limitations apply in the state of Missouri, this means that you will only have a short period of time to file your claim before any potential rights you may have to damages are forfeited. We offer contingency fee agreements to our clients so that if we recover nothing then you pay nothing, we also offer week, evening, hospital and home appointments in order to better cater to your needs.

Contact a Kansas City medical malpractice attorney from Montee Law Firm, P.C. for a free initial consultation to discuss your case and how we can help you.

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